This page contains articles we believe will be of interest to Orthodox teachers and administrators.  Most are by Orthodox authors, though you will find a category of non--Orthodox authors as well. Many address philosophy of education, some address the history of Orthodox education, while others describe specific pedagogical practices or even groups of authors.  We welcome articles from Orthodox teachers and administrators or others interested in our field of labor.  Please send articles in Word format to our email address.  If you would like to recommend an article from another site, please send the URL to


Literature, Culture and the Western Soul – The Sisters of St. Xenia Skete

The Formation of the Hellenic Christian Mind – Demetrios J. Constantelos

The Spiritual Benefits of Physical Labor – Fr. Dcn. James Hughes

The Word, the Book, the Library – Fr. Stanley Harakas

The Last Days of Darwin – James Kushiner

Toward an Orthodox Pedagogy – Fr. Dcn. James Hughes

Educating Narcissus – Bryan Smith

The Origins of Public Education in the U.S. - Part 1 - Laura D. Sanders

The Origins of Public Education in the U.S. - Part 2 - Laura D. Sanders


Raising an Athlete for ChristRichard J. Vincent   

Responsibilities and Duties of a Director of a Nonprofit OrganizationLisa Runquist